Visual Arts | 2019

What is Toronto`s Outside The Box Initiative?

The Outside the Box program provides an opportunity for local artists to create works of art on traffic signal boxes across Toronto. Since 2013, over 350 boxes have been hand-painted by local artists, or wrapped featuring designs by local graphic artists, and transformed into extraordinary works of art.


When approached with the opportunity of engaging with the city of Toronto, and the START initiative; I was given the opportunity to create a community-oriented art piece for the revitalization of the urban scenery.


Project Outcomes

  • Conducted work for official government entity.
  • Designed visual artifacts from start to finish.
  • Implemented client feedback after initial study.




Visual Arts.

electrical box vinyl wrapping.



This was an open call for designers and visual artists, with a very open brief with the intent of capturing the neighbourhood it would be installed in, namely in the York region of Toronto


My focus during this project was to create a visual artifact that would leverage my focus on texture and be representative of one of the main elements of the scenery, at the time, geese.


Having originally developed a red version of the main art, feedback client feedback called out that the choice of colours was not allowed given the conflict it could cause with traffic signage. This gave insight to a new direction to the project, to improve on the design, which led to the final changes which actually were produced.


The artwork was adjusted and placed within a special grid for the wrapping production, which resulted in it’s final installation as seen on the right.



Upon conclusion of this project, I also had the opportunity to engage in a collaborative writing project, which saw publication through the university of Aquila

Street Art: Institutions, art and urban management in Brazil and Canada Article | Download|