E-Commerce | 2020

What is Art Polis?

Artpolis is a startup with the goal of creating a platform that allows artists to meet and collaborate while engaging their audience. One that promotes user engagement and promotes art project organization.


Making the project feasible through a business and analytics plan and
application of the trinity strategy. Actionable insights and measurements, by leveraging:

  • User behaviour.
  • Site experience.

Bringing the art community closer together.

Artists tend to gravitate towards isolation, as per my conducted surveys. During pandemic scenarios that feeling can be even more aggravated, as social interactions are reduced. On a larger scale, we also have the cancellation of many art expositions and art related events; which is a source of income and livelihood for many artists.


Project Outcomes

  • Business plan.
  • Revenue models.
  • Functional prototype.

UX Designer | MBA Student.






Fine Art Marketplace.



My challenge was to create a platform that was not simply another marketplace, or portfolio website, but one that would allow for artists to engage one another as well as be commissioned by potential art consumers.


Project planning was conducted based on the devised user story and journey. This plan was later used to assess and compile tech stack requirements, followed by business strategy plan; working in conjunction with analytics to fundamenalt steps taken along the way.

  • Mood boarding
  • Wire-framing (Low and high fidelity)
  • Site mapping and content structure-

Data compilation for surveys regarding popular demand. Survey results validated that the problem statement proposed was worth solving, with a requisition rate of 73% of surveyed users claimed to have interest on the outlined project.

There was a need for an environment for artists to collaborate, and that art consumers wished to be able to commission work without leaving a platform.

Presenting to a wider audience:

When reaching the end of this engagement, we presented these findings and plans along to relevant audiences of, especially potential artists and art consumers, to professors representing stakeholders.

Web Prototype

Customer Journey


This was the final project for my MBA in Interactive Media Management.