Early this summer I was approached by SPC, with a request for a Marketing piece.

The idea being to create a marketing piece for them under quite flexible guidelines:

“One of your own ads for SPC to Sell SPC to a student aged 14-24.”


The Student Price Card, also known as SPC Card, is a student loyalty discount program in Canada offering discounts and deals on items such as fashion, food, shoes, and travel and more. Students show their SPC Card at participating locations to receive instant savings every time they shop.

Tools Used

For this assignment, only Adobe Photoshop was used, paired with my always reliable Pen and paper.


Design Guidelines

Asset Size: Desktop 2560 x 960 px

Copy: “Summer IS HERE!” Additional text may be used as needed
CTA: “We can help!” Again, additional text may be used as needed
: If Image resources are needed, please go to or
PDF (Please place all the assets you created on one page.)

Design Steps

The research regarding the SPC communication structure was thoroughly conducted across their website as well as their social media. Understanding the voice and tone used by the company towards their target audience gave me the information required on what language to use, as well as which external sources to consult, namely other brands which address similar target market relating to youth.

Creating a message that would convey the idea of enjoying discounts was not only a complicated task, but a sensible one as well. Trying to create a message that not only is relatable to youth but does not imply that the writer is tone deaf themselves can be quite a challenge given current times, so the choice for two friends came naturally. As not only it taps into youth social structure and spontaneity, but also adheres to the idea of social bubbles.

Layout Creation
Sticking to colour theory, and information hierarchy conveyed through typography, a more organic approach to the layout was chosen, given the idea of a more dynamic image.

Through usage of Adobe Photoshop, the layout design was finalized and delivered.


The finalized asset was designed with the SPC website’s homepage in mind, the idea being that the banner would stay present for a while, draw user’s attention towards it for a limited time without dampening the other sections of the website.


This project did achieve a good outcome according to the stakeholders, unfortunately however, the position in question required more refined UX skills, but the opportunity to contribute to SPC’s mission was greatly appreciated, and a much needed boost to my efforts in pursuing a Design Career in Toronto.