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Health and Wellness | 2020-2021

What is FlowJournal?

FlowJournal is a meditation journal and insight generator tool.

Allowing users to chronicle their path through mindfulness and leverage machine learning and analytics to expand on their meditation.


Flow journal had wanted to scale up their team, and needed to redesign their platform. With the addition of new features to to assist with meditation, allowing for more custom tailored user journeys, offering insight on their user’s habits.

Within a rapid scaling environment, there was also a need to prioritize and maintain track of multiple features and user stories.


Project Outcomes

  • Facilitated design sprint week workshops.
  • Assisted with inception, testing and realization of over 4 net new features in the span of 3 months.
  • Reduced 1st-month abandonment rate by 35% by iterating designs on research data.

UX Designer.




Health and Wellness.


Meditation Journaling App.



Through early interactions with key stakeholders, I was presented with the stakeholder’s vision of the app, along with market analysis of present solutions.


By leveraging surveys and workshops we were able to define what features would result in a bigger ROI for the product. Ensuring that the ideas proposed would see user adoption, resulting in measurable changes in user behaviour.


When designing solutions we had the opportunity to leverage a multitude of specialists from the wellness space. Our key stakeholder being a very proactive member in the wellness space , she was our key decision maker throughout our design sprints.



Maintained close relation with developers and key stakeholders, while maintaining close eye on features that were proposed, under testing, and approved for development.


Closed off release cycle towards the end of the project, and maintained an archived copy of our work for scaling up the product at a later date.


Once the engagement concluded, the team at Flowjournal had an updated website and product with a scalable design system and library.

At the end of our engagement  we had the following key takeaways:

  • An increase of 20% in their user-base without the use of any paid-marketing.
  •  Scaled, organized and documented design Library and System for future teams. Reducing Design ramp-up time by 40%.
  • Ensured pixel perfect fidelity above 98% between designs and live product.