EMS Suit - Training Apparel | 2021

What is Katalyst?

Katalyst is an EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) Suit platform and content distributor, focused on health and fitnes.

Focused on providing trainers with a space to create their workouts, and users with a platform to keep track of their progress.


Katalyst had to revisit its design systems while improving scalability. Being a data-driven product, there was an emphasis on developing features that would leverage user-generated data. Together we needed to:

  • Pinpoint potential unhappy paths, redirecting users to recovery.
  • Improve processes by revising the significance of user data, and creating models for scaling up training intensity.
  • Maintaining parity between the training and coaching software platforms.
  • Introducing an Agile methodology to a client accustomed to Waterfall Practices.


Project Outcomes

  • Introduced and enhanced the Agile methodologies.
  • Led mobile app design for 6 Months.
  • Re-design and introduce user tested features.

Intermediate UX Designer




Sports/Health and Wellness


Trainer and Consumer Apps



After receiving the Design Brief, I’ve proceeded to conduct initial research, and held interviews with key internal stakeholders and users to identify the main opportunities for features.


Maintained a high attention to detail and communication to stakeholders, while prioritizing user flows. All while working in conjunction with client stakeholders.

Led junior team members in developing screens to fulfill user stories, while promoting AAA industry standards.

Kept close communications with the Development Team throughout each iteration cycle, while facilitating sessions with the QA Team to ensure that designs were thoroughly translated into the live app.

App - Tablet (iOS)


Once the engagement concluded, Katalyst team was able to fully take on the extensible and maintainable design system for future work.

At the end of our engagement  we had the following key takeaways:

  • Reduced 1st-month abandonment rate by 35% by iterating on qualitative data.
  • Addition of several visual assets to be used in both the Mobile App and Website.
  • Had prioritized user-tested features.